Synopsis Novel “ Ayat-ayat Cinta”.

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Ayat-Ayat Cinta adalah sebuah film Indonesia karya Hanung Bramantyo yang dibintangi oleh Fedi NurilRianti CartwrightCarissa PutriZaskia Adya Mecca, dan Melanie Putria. Film ini merupakan film religi hasil adaptasi dari sebuah novel best seller karya Habiburrahman El Shirazy berjudul Ayat Ayat Cinta, dan melakukan penayangan perdana pada pertama tahun 2008. Walaupun kisah dalam film dan novel Ayat-Ayat Cinta berlatarkan kehidupan di Kairo, namun proses pengambilan gambar tidak dilakukan di kota itu
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Synopsis Novel “ Ayat-ayat Cinta”.

Author                                  : Habiburrahman El Shirazy
Publisher                             : Republika-Basmala
First Year of Issue            : 2004
Number of Page               : 418

                Many recommended this novel to be read, because full of Islamic values. But do not want to be naive, there is not a lot of novel out there that is also loaded with religious values? So why the novel is Habiburrahman El Shirazy read by millions of people? Surely there is “more than a moral massage”. In general, this novel interesting. Presenting a mature love story with the background of the prophets’ country, Egypt.

                The story open with a young man from the Indonesian daily named Fahri. He was a student who was studying in one of the prestigious universities in Cairo, Egypt. He is described as a virtuous character, smart, polite, nice and perfect a series of other labels. Presumably the author fails to tell this part of the characterizations of the Fahri. Many who mocked the prophet like character, flawless, slur that comes with perfect physical grace writer attached to it. As a result, there are at least four beautiful women who want to be a companion Fahri. The woman is Nurul, Noura, Maria and Aisha. The fourth woman fall in love with “perfection” Fahri figures, it is for some people to utopian. However in the realm of fiction, the author is a “God”.

                The main focus of this story is true love. But the author wrapped with Islamic corridor. Climactic conflict began when Fahri to marry a woman named Aisha, who is descendant of some of the state of Palestine, Turkey and Germany. She is depicted as a woman with captivating eyes. She uses the veil, intelligent, rich, beautiful and perfects all of the other properties. Fahri is the son of a merchant tape sticky enough to get incredible blessings by marrying a millionaire’s daughter, the Aisha’s. The story then scroll to the figure of Maria, the beautiful girl who is a Coptic Christian neighbor Fahri. And, whether fortunate or does destiny writer, he made her fall in love with Fahri. Her feeling do not disappear event though Fahri had been married. In additional to Maria, there is also Noura which in turn accuses Fahri was about to rape her because he refused to love Noura. Cliché indeedBut then this story could make a lot of people buy this book.

                So what is interesting besides the stories are all almost perfect figuring that? Maybe setting. The author of this novel seems to understand pretty well the curve of the main Cairo Egypt. For readers, this is certainly a kind of visit pass word. Exciting! In additional to the setting, the benefit of this book maybe of fragment stunning scene, a little exaggerated, but still create glare. For example, when Maria dies, she dreamed of meeting Mary, mother of Isa. She was not allowed to enter the door of heaven before Islam. Then Maria realized and shahadah later died in an Islam. Touching a bit excessive though. In terms of language, writer plays it safe. This book has no literary taste who dared word play. The language is simple, trace and easy to understand. It is possible that bacons all of the reading. Simple though the story is too perfect. However, the issue does not taste the same absolute right? You may read it with a different sensation. Synopsis novel “Ayat-ayat Cinta” is not intended to interfere with your opinion. Just take you on a piece of the story in this novel. The rest, please you read it yourself. This novel deserves to be read. Happy hunting novel!!

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Entertainment & Invitation Dialogue

Rini         : “What are you doing Susi?”
Susi        : “I’m reading a novel”
Rini         : “What is the novel do you read?”
Susi        : “The title Ayat-ayat Cinta, this is novel presenting a mature love story with the background         of the prophets’ country, Egypt.”
Rini         : “sure, do you borrow the novel in the library?”
Susi        : “No, I don’t. It is mine. Do you like this novel?”
Rini         : “Yes I do. Would you like to borrow it to me?”
Susi        : “I would borrow it to you, but after I read all it. Just a minute. I will finish read the novel.”
Susi        : “O.K. The novel is over. So, do you want to borrow my novel?”
Rini         : “Yes I do. But before I’m reading this novel, would you like to inform to me, who is the
                   author this novel?”
Susi        : “The named is clearly written on the cover. The author of this novel is Habiburahman El                Shirazy”.
Rini         : “I am sorry, I’m not yet observe.”
Susi        : “So, do not damage it.”
Rini         : “O.K. I will guard your novel. Thank you.”
Rini         : “Hi Susi!!”
Susi        : “Hi Rini!!”
Rini         : “Susi, I would gave back your novel, because I had been read all it.”
Susi        : “What is your opinion about the story?”
Rini         : “The story is so heartwarming. When Noura accuses Fahri was about to rape her because            he refused to love Noura. Cliché indeed, but this story could make me cry.”
Susi        : “You are crying read this novel, I’m too. Because I’m feeling sorry to Fahri. He had been               accuses by Noura.”
Rini         : “So, which one do you like from character in a story? If I like Fahri, because he is virtuous             character, smart, polite, nice and perfect a series of other labels.”
Susi        : “I like Fahri too, and I like Maria. Because when Maria will die, she dreamed of meeting                 Mary, mother of Isa. Then Maria realized and shahadah later died in Islam.”
Rini         : “So, what the Maria religion before Islam?”
Susi        : “I think, you are not careful read this novel.”
Rini         : “Maybe I overstep part it.”
Susi        : “Skip it. Do you know? This novel had been made a movie.”
Rini         : “Are you sure?”
Susi        : “Yes I’m sure. And I have 2 tickets to watch a movie on Saturday night. Would you like to go        with me?”
Rini         : “Thank, I’d love too. What time does it start?”
Susi        : “The movie start at 7:00 pm and duration of the movie is 2 hours.”
Rini         : “So, the movie will be finished at 9:00 pm right. Where is the address of the cinema?”
Susi        : “At Sudirman Street, over the way from Perja Market.”
Rini         : “Ooh. The named of cinema is Garuda right.”
Susi        : “Of course, see you again in the cinema!!!”
Rini         : “See you too.”

Synopsis Novel “ Ayat-ayat Cinta”. Synopsis Novel “ Ayat-ayat Cinta”. Reviewed by Dwi Yuli Wibowo on October 08, 2015 Rating: 5

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